about us

I was born in 1969 and started surfing on the stunning Costa da Caparica in 1984. Back then, we were just a small group of enthusiasts who ventured into surfing.

My first board was a single fin, and my wetsuit was originally intended for diving. The restrictions of the National Bus Company only allowed a maximum of two boards on the bus, so my board was stored at Ricardo Inácio’s grandfather’s house or at Café Ponto Final, owned by Johnny’s father.

I often hitchhiked to the beach because I couldn’t afford the bus fare, but my passion for surfing always spoke louder.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to different countries in search of the best waves. I’ve explored places like Senegal, Brazil, Costa Rica and France, always in search of that unique experience that surfing provides.

I currently have the honor of being a level II coach accredited by the Portuguese Surfing Federation, with the number 4403. I am committed to sharing my knowledge and passion for surfing with all those who wish to learn and perfect their skills in this exciting sport.

Surfing isn’t just an activity for me, it’s a lifestyle that has shaped my journey from my first days on the waves to my role as a certified coach. I look forward to continuing to share this passion with everyone who wants to explore the world of surfing.

About Gecko Surf School

Founded in 2016

At Gecko Surf School, our passion for surfing and the sea is our driving force. Founded in 2016, we are a surf school that was born from the union of a group of people who love the ocean and surfing, with the aim of sharing the thrill of this sport in a safe and inclusive way.

Our History

Our journey began in 2016, when we realized that there was a growing need to offer high-quality surf lessons in our stunning region. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to become a benchmark in surf teaching.

Our Mission

At Gecko Surf School, our mission is simple: to provide memorable and life-changing experiences through surfing. We believe that surfing goes beyond just catching waves; it’s a way of connecting with nature, gaining confidence and adopting a healthy lifestyle. We want to share this passion and the benefits of surfing with everyone, regardless of age or level of experience.

Our Team

Our team is made up of highly qualified and dedicated instructors who are passionate about surfing and teaching. Each member of our team enthusiastically shares their knowledge and experience, creating a welcoming and safe environment for our students.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services, from surf lessons for beginners to advanced programs for more experienced surfers. We also rent surf equipment.

Our Location

We are located in Praia de Santo António in Csta da Caparica, a privileged area known for its stunning beaches and perfect surfing conditions. Our facilities are equipped with the best surf equipment and we offer a relaxed and friendly atmosphere so that everyone feels at home.

Join Us

At Gecko Surf School, we believe that surfing is an incredible journey and we’re excited to be part of yours. Join us to learn how to catch the best waves, create lasting memories and become part of our community of passionate surfers. Come and be part of our history since 2016. See you on the waves!


I took my first class on my birthday with a group of friends. We liked it so much that we bought a pack of lessons. Pedro, Dário and Zé are incredible coaches, easy going and fun people who are always pushing us!
Daniela Figueiredo

I started surfing with Gecko a few months ago and I’ve been going every weekend since. Pedro and Dario are incredible coaches, always ready to help when needed. Good vibes and a good place to learn to surf. Highly recommended!
Miguel Mendes

Absolutely amazing experience! Me, my wife and my 2 kids have had several lessons with Pedro… My 9 year old son after 15 minutes in the water was standing on a wave and I can prove it (see photo)! I know how difficult it is to teach and motivate kids but with Pedro everything seams so easy!
Amândio Pinheiro

Pedro was the best! I called him in the morning and told him where we were staying and he just said “ok cya at 10 to 2!” And that was it. Hours later we were in his van headed to the beach. We did a semi-private lesson with Pedro and he taught us the rules then got us on the water and one at a time we kept being pushed into awesome waves. He was so helpful, fun and adorable! We had a great time. Highly recommend. Thanks so much Pedro!
Macy DiRienzo